Rabu, 31 Juli 2013

Hasil penelitian: PET FLT meningkatkan nilai diagnostik dalam mendetekai glioma

A study published in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine that used PET imaging with F-18 fluorothymidine found that FLT uptake corresponded more strongly with the reproduction mechanism in newly diagnosed gliomas compared with recurrent gliomas. The method gave a more comprehensive picture of tumor grade, the study said. Another study published in the same journal that used FLT-PET imaging in patients with high-grade glioma found the signal-to-background ratio for an adaptive threshold delineation method demonstrated better correlation with overall survival than maximum standardized uptake value or other PET segmentation methods used to determine tumor proliferation volume. The method may help improve treatment decisions, researchers said. AuntMinnie.com (free registration) (12/3)             

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